Giving my children real food.

I really want my daughter to be someone with better eating habits than me. I used to eat a limited type of food until I lived alone.

As much as I missed home, I couldn’t keep eating the three things I knew how to cook (quesadillas, grilled chicken breast, and scrambled eggs). Plus, most of the time, I was more convenient to eat at the university cafeteria, and of course, all the food available there was new to me -I was in another country. People would invite me for dinner, and I had nothing to eat there but stuff I didn’t know what it was. So I had to change.

If I want to be honest with my self, I have to admit that this has been one of the best paradigm breakers I’ve had in my life. It taught me about opening my self to new ways, cultures, ideas… learning to eat differently opened my mind to many things. And of course, it helped to improve my health. I replaced junk, processed, easy to cook and eat food with delicious and elaborated recipes filled with real food and ingredients I had no idea I could put together. I learnt that cooking was one of my best talents, that has become one of my favorite hobbies and activities.

So this takes me to today’s morning, in which my daughter asked me to give her candy. And you know what that is if you are a parent and if the child has 2 years old- she started crying, yelling, etc… The easiest was to give it to her, and for me, to continue with what I was doing – which I have done many times.

But today I decided not to do it, I needed to: 1. break that bad habit of my child to cry for things in order to get them, and 2.  to give her something new and nutritious. -She needs to learn to eat well- I though.

So I took out the fridge the jocoque- a Mexican dairy product (see the photos, there is no English translation)- and the pita bread. She tried the jocoque and she took it out of her mouth, crying for her candy. Then I gave her the whole wheat crispy pita bread, which she tried unwillingly… and loved it! Then I began eating the bread with jocoque. Eventually she began eating jocoque, and she almost finished the container.

Lets see if I could repeat the experience another day 😀


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